We played the matches of all the former rounds

U15 age group



U13 age group


We played all the championship matches left over from the former rounds on 12th March. The weather did the players and watchers good as well. 

The "seniors" started the match in good rhythm and created the situations but they came later until the 12th minute. At the end we managed to help a ball to get into the net. 0:1. The picture of the match had not changed after all this. We tried to build and the hosts to destroy.   At the end the result was born with the rate of 0:6 for us.

The record of the match can be seen on the following link:


It was not different from the "juniors". They were fighting, using situations badly and at last there was one situation what was easy to use and that meant victory for the team.


The record of the match can be seen on the following link: 






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