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Our club was founded in the autumn of 2007 as a result of some parents’ passion for football. We would like to help the growing of the Hungarian football through our work inland and abroad as well, and grow young footballers who proudly can take place in football everywhere in the world.


Főnix-Gold FC growing children from the age of 6 and provide them high standard professional education and care. We deal with children who are motivated in football and we support their growing step by step.


There are maximum 12 to 16 children in every age groups – this way we can guarantee enough attention to them. This way our goal is to make a headquater from the best children with low number. We have a strict selection process with medical examination too. We do not increase the number of the groups in case of making profit. Our most important goal is providing personal care and the best education.


 What we believe in




Do not change the world,


turn your dreams to reality!


If you turn your dreams to reality,


you will change the world.


Our professional work is based on the internationally well known AFC AJAX Amsterdam’s recruitment programme added the Bot-Mezey recruitment programme as well. The high standard expertise controll is given by our well-qualified trainers who have got the UEFA degree. With all this our team is working perfectly at our good-guality football headquater.


We briskly tell you that our groups have one of the best headquaters here in Hungary. It is rare today all over in Europe that a club has two football pitches in a sports hall with artifical grass cover. Our football club is situated on about 2500 square metres. We have all the necessary infrastructure and equipment for working perfectly.


We need well-educated children who are good at learning and football as well so we cooperate with Vörösmarty Primary School here in Székesfehérvár. With this cooperation the school can start up football oriented classes. The children who start the primary school here can get enough education on both sides. They will be grown up by a good educational environment. As a Club that is growing up the footballers of the future, we would like to provide steady life and career possiblity for children at all ages.


We have already negotiated with many NB1 football teams about our work and making the next steps in case of our children.


Yours sincerely,


Főnix Gold FC. President

Regisztrációs űrlap

 H-8000. Székesfehérvár

 Fecskepart, Gombócleső utca Hrsz. 4054/1

 Mobil: 06-30-304-22-77

 FXG Ö.Sz.Sz.


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